Steve Kerr let Warriors run their own plays since he wasn't getting through

Steve Kerr let Warriors run their own plays since he wasn't getting through
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The Golden State Warriors beat the Phoenix Suns by 46 👀

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  1. Spurs destroy them by 48
    And now the Warriors beat them by 46


  2. ONLY IDIOTS WILL SAY KERR IS USELESS AS A COACH. HOW DO YOU REMEMBER STEVE KERR THE PLAYER? 3-PT SHOOTER, RIGHT? NOW WHAT MADE THIS WARRIORS TEAM GREAT? UNSTOPPABLE 3-PT SHOOTING along with passing so is that not a connection for you idiots? 🤣🤣🤣 Letting his players enjoy, top-seed is secured.

  3. Even ty lue would win coach of the year with the warriors

  4. Warriors so stacked anyone can coach them...Lol

  5. Thats how you know this guy is overrated. You don't need a good coach for the Warriors.

  6. "It's their team, and that's one of the first things you have to consider as a coach. It's not your team, it's not (general manager) Bob Myers' team, it's not (team owner) Joe Lacob's team ... it's the players' team and they have to take ownership of it," Kerr told Anthony Slater of The Athletic.

  7. Damn Kerr gonna fuck around and get fired

  8. Pretty good way to improve the team chemistry, listening to your teammates is very important

  9. This proves Lavar Balls point that Steve Kerr is an amateur coach and they don’t need him

  10. Jake Rowe Michael Allison this is what I thought! They weren’t running them properly so let them do it!

  11. Sun shines on a dogs ass every now and den....lmao

  12. Oh please a monkey can sit on that bench and GSW would still win!