Still hungover from last night! gonna play with a couple viewers so come join

Still hungover from last night! gonna play with a couple viewers so come join

Still hungover from last night! gonna play with a couple viewers so come join

Posted by Cot Dammit Elizabeth April 16, 2018, 3:40 a.m.

Still hungover from last night!

gonna play with a couple viewers so come join

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  1. Yo guys professor look... that replay of Shea getting that impulse is clip worthy for sure. I watched that again and he is one team player. Wow. Respect Shea!

  2. I honestly would join y’all but I suck at fornite. So I’m not going to waste your time. Tbh. Still love watching your videos.

  3. first time catching you, seen you on anime gaming nation. Supporting from australia! nice stream my dude! keep up the grind! :D

  4. Check Darkness429 playing squads or solo @Nadja😏 He is a god and hilarious. He has like 3k people watching him regularly

  5. Yo, If yall want to play with him. Please respect his time and be ready for an invite at anytime. Dont waste his time waiting on people. Have a mic and COMMUNICATE. Thanks!

  6. Yooo took me 10 minutes to figure out how to comment. Just saw t-pain and I’m wasted! I’d love some of those McDonald’s cookies though

  7. Did you know some McDonald’s have cookie totes? They give you 13 cookies and will bake a fresh batch so there nice and hot

  8. Tilted should be gone by 4/18. They deciphered the vibrations in the controller as morris code. So they say @Levi

  9. Im a streamer on twitch, it doesnt count if you watch yourself from your dashboard so you can read your chat. just saying.

  10. @Casey I am not saying anything negative about Ekow. Im just saying its the usual case every late night stream.

  11. Of all the comments you read, you choose the one about Courtney being a man and it's not even true 😂😂😂😂

  12. How can u guys shoot so well like literally when someone’s in front of me I shoot and miss I’m like what the heck

  13. Dude i love your vids bro. They make my day seeing you give Elisabeth hell all the time. Keep up the good work bro.

  14. Rather you be in anyway! Facebook is better!! Love your and Elizabeth’s videos! They are always awesome!

  15. He does stream on twitch, but he prefers facebooks because can talk talk and interact with the viewers.

  16. I really need to learn the secrets of fortnite cause I play a lot of fortnite but I always get 3rd or 2nd

  17. Darkness429 is on ninja level if not better! Sponsored by fortnite even. No hate though professorwoah

  18. I was just sitting in my room so bored and I said I wish ecko was live 😂 then I got this notification late

  19. Im out man. Work were gonna say its cause i gotta work tmrw but its actually becuase im to cheap to run up my data bill cause the power went out. Good luck with the dubs and il be here next time im sure.

  20. Echo I’ll be on late bud, I’m friends with chow but if you still wanna catch a game sometime tonight let’s play broski

  21. bro, we ain't here to watch you play games. We hear to see elizabeth do some weird shit. Im done with this page, im out.

  22. Hoping for another shout out for me and my girlfriend bayley

  23. @Dalton I only watch Ekow 😂 He is entertaining af

  24. So who’s more addicted Elisabeth to nuggets or you to fortnite

  25. We all just followed one another and won

  26. Not true I played in squad and none had a mic but we won

  27. You have to Bob Ross them with no mistakes

  28. People say I have the wierdest addiction.........I’m addicted to fortnite 😑

  29. No mistakes just happy clouds haha

  30. Soooo.... don’t die, get a gun right away. Basically it right?

  31. You’re supposed to be teaching how to win not how to die

  32. Same this is my last one. 5yo don’t care what time you go to bed

  33. Do you do better with larger teams or just a team of two?

  34. Comment being read is the luck of the draw

  35. Do you ever go back and just read the shenanigans of the comments?

  36. My husband and I call that a waste 😂😂😂

  37. My sister wants me to play but I need to watch so I can learn 😅

  38. Nicki Minaj chun Li and Barbie tingz

  39. Trust me! You will not regret it😁 @Nadja

  40. I just like watching fortnite gameplay @Nadja Darkness429 & missesmae aren't on so here I am😅😅

  41. @Laycie Morris code from controller vibrations says it'll hit 4/18

  42. @Hanah To switch between what's in the vending machine

  43. Giving her some act right😅 no one even knows what time zone she is haha

  44. @Kayla I don't know why she started in on me😅 but I fired back😱

  45. Hey man, hit me up and ill invite you onto pc servers. XGN AzazelNoF8

  46. You tryna play some trios bro? I’m really g
    ood, I got over 100 wins

  47. Been waiting for this alllllll night 😐🙂

  48. I was about to say I’ve never seen stream fortnite before

  49. I think shes still waiting for her ANW. Dont make her hangry

  50. Rofl, his stream always goes from 800 to the 200 real fast when it isnt about Elizabeth. We the few real followers 😂

  51. Should get her Arbys, they have all the meats she would ever need 😏

  52. No Elizabeth is at home. She texted Ekow her Mcdonalds requests to bring her 😂

  53. Ekows literally the only person I will watch play fortnite 😂

  54. Hannah, it scrolls it through the options that the vending machine offers

  55. Shes expecting you to feed her man 😂

  56. You sure her cooking will be any good? @ Jimmy

  57. If you are here for his Fortnite streaming. Please be sure to follow his twitch - ProfessorWoah.

  58. If not ill try to cross platform on you on the Xbox or Ps4 😂

  59. Ill try to download it tomorrow and see if it lags

  60. I still have the one you got me 😂

  61. Girl, My laptop is not gonna let me do that 😂

  62. Not much girl, watchin my boi Ekow play Fortnite like I do every night 😂

  63. I was talking about the other Courtney lol

  64. I hate when people spell choked "chocked"

  65. you’re making me wanna quit neverwinter and play fortnite now

  66. Do you know the fortnite comet theory