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Cast iron cooking and seasoning.

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  1. That's me and my cast irons.mwhen I got kicked out if my apt( story to long) anyway left with my 2 frying pans and my Long Flat cast irons. And of course my TV..soon all my things and me will meet up again..Horrary thank you Jesus and My Family.

  2. Patrick Price just a little more info

  3. For those who cannot use cast iron, cast titanium is a wonderful alternative. NO additional iron in the food. Does not stick. No seasoning needed. Can wash in dishwasher. Ours came with lifetime guarantee.

  4. No!!!!! Using an SOS or Brillo pad? NO NO NO!!!

  5. I use sand stone to clean mine, it's non toxic, and the iron you get from them is excellent for your blood. Dutch ovens are good to cook with.

  6. My cast iron is more non-stick than my Teflon.

  7. NO BRILLO PADS! Use SALT to clean them!

  8. Um,you can use salt and Crisco to scrub them

  9. Clean them with salt and oil. Scrub with aluminum foil!

  10. When camping, U clean with sand. Then wash, dry oil rub & bake in the sun.

  11. Kimberly Link you said you weren’t sure how to do it today

  12. I've been using my Lodge cast iron cookware for years now. I Love it!

  13. What if you don't have an oven? Any other options?

  14. The illustration is not the same as I was taught.

    You have to heat the pan and when the water dries, you don't remove the pan from the heat because the iron is porous. The heat expands those pores, allowing for total curing.
    Let cool, then wipe away any excessive oil.

  15. No!! No Brillo, no detergent! It will all be absorbed.. salt and oil, scour, rinse and dry on the burner. Another drop of oil spread with a paper towel. Cast iron gets better the more it's used.

  16. Grew up cooking with cast iron.

  17. I maintain my Cast Iron with Manteca / Bacon Fat.

  18. Please use lard to season!! Old ways worked and works best

  19. Tori Richardson, Krissy Archambeau