The Price Of A Miracle

The Price Of A Miracle

The Price Of A Miracle

Posted by NTD Inspired Life Feb. 16, 2018, 4 p.m.

When you have faith, miracles will happen!

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  1. Amen. How can these inspirations not touch ones heart. Please . To those who are so full of hate. Let love enter your hearts leaving no room for hate. God is pure love.

  2. This story so much reminds me of something which I experienced some years ago. It was in the Karoo and I was with a friend standing inside the trading store. Enters an older man and asks ""Did my prawns arrive"" "Yes"but I'm sorry the price has gone up" I looked at him and I thought he looked a little horrified as he complained about the new price. So, what do I do.....I step up, feeling sorry for him, and offer to pay whatever difference in price. He turns to look at me. Tells the girl to wrap the prawns, then turns to me and hands me the packet. Of course I objected. How could I take this from him, and why? He simply smiled and I saw my friend doubling up in laughter. Now I am confused. Anyway, he hands me the packet, smiles and says: "Please stay as you are, please don't ever change"and with that h e walked out of the shop. I looked at my friend, a little upset that she was laughing. ??Do you know who that was?"she asks. :No! Well, he is a local horse breeder with a very large farm just down the road." I was speechless, Then I realised what a beautiful compliment he had paid me. Need I say, the prawns tasted really good.
    And the memory of this lives with me all these years later..

  3. Come to me as little Children. He didn't say it for nothing. As adults lifes problems harden our hearts and sometimes our Faith. As he said to the centurion. "Your Faith has made her well".

  4. God is always with us in the right time, right place sometimes doing miracles because of his unconditional love. Thank you Lord Jesus for everything you have done for me and my family I'm always waiting for your love and care Amen.

  5. What a sad but beautiful story.The love this little boy had for his baby sister is totally awesome how lucky she is to have such a caring and loving brother.

  6. Amen so sad that people don't believe in God or have the faith that he can heal any one just keep on praying in the name of jesus

  7. This is wonderful story God works in a mysterious ways he put the little boy and man at that pharmacy at the exact same time

  8. Why a beautiful history you contaminate with a lie call god ?? My daugther have a tumor under the brain and that garbage god put that in her head. I wish the same for all the family of him,,,now í hate him.

  9. This story brought tears to my eyes. I thank the Lord every day for our NHS in the UK..Please people don't abuse or misuse it

  10. What an amazing coincidence. A definite miracle. Bless you and the little boy trying to buy a miracle for his sister. Xx

  11. So beautiful,so much faith.It is true that God put the right ppl in the right time .My family are living proof of that 2 months .Thanks to God Lord Jesus Christ .Amen

  12. What a great story and a great man wish the world could be that great to people in need. God Bless you and God Bless you that gave her the miracle you give her sir.

  13. Whether this true or not, it illustrates the fact the God sends people to us at the time when we need them most! Faith is the pathway!

  14. What a lovely story hope she is ok now that's renewed my faith in human beings bless you xxxx

  15. God does come in mysterious ways when we least expect!
    Keep up the faith!
    Never give up!❤️

  16. God put people in the Right place at the Right time ,God is So Good Thank the Man

  17. This is a beautiful story,it gives us hope thank you

  18. That is a beautiful story of true faith

  19. Oh my that will touch your heart!!! And, ain't that the truth???

  20. Miracle is such that can heal lost hope with the help of faultless faith.

  21. Wow tears to my eyes and what a wonderful and happy ending and yes never stop having faith or believing in God my Blessings to yous all

  22. I love the purity of his heart ♥️ I ❤️♥️💕 😇

  23. Praise God and that very giving Doctor. Hope this true.

  24. If we all had the faith of a little child like this. Love this so much. It is sad but so sweet

  25. Amen. What a miracle this was. God Bless this little one.

  26. God put that man where he was meant to be. Faith

  27. That was so beautiful. Had tears in my eyes.... God is great

  28. The miracle wasn't from god it was from a good man give credit where it's due.

  29. God can do any thing God bless all the doctors out there

  30. What a beautiful reminder of what faith can do.

  31. Your faith in God will always sustain you !!!

  32. Wow it's his pure love for his sister that comes the miracle and his pure 💓 and innocence from everything.

  33. That is so true and this is so beautiful

  34. Oh, learn a lot, only faith and faith is only needed.

  35. God works in mesters ways amen

  36. What a beautiful story in the name of Jesus.

  37. Amen, such a special story, to bad life isn’t that easy for all of us

  38. Such a Moving Story,...........

  39. God..Takes the foolish things of the world to confound the wise.!😉

  40. What a nice story!
    Thanks for sharing.

  41. I wish I could save my sister like this hero 😭😭

  42. very inspiring!❤GOD is really good all the time

  43. What a touching story it brought tears to my eyes

  44. How beautiful this story was , wilding tears

  45. 😢 so sad but happy ending it’s dreadful people have to die if they don’t have money for treatments

  46. What a great blessed story and miracle's still happen Amen

  47. the story touched my heart and that is a miracle...

  48. Faith the size of a mustard seed will move mountains!1

  49. God is real! God put that man at the right place at the right time!

  50. He loves his sister very much- God bless him.

  51. I was so touch on this story that bring me in tears so beautiful

  52. Nothing more loving or powerful than a family that will go to any lengths to help each other

  53. I needed that to know there is still hope for us in this world

  54. Wow beautiful amazing story touch my ❤❤

  55. faith anchored in jesus 🌅 truely born again! 🐣🔥

  56. Got to have FAITH. GOD IS GOOD!!!!!!!