The Son

The Son

The Son

Posted by NTD Inspired Life March 16, 2018, 7:30 p.m.

His girlfriend said one thing that SHOCKED him, then this happened…

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  1. Walk away, be there for your mom, you only get 1 in your life.. There are many woman out there who would understand, and be there for you.. stay strong!!!!

  2. Don’t walk away run run run! Your girlfriend is at best self centered and in the worst ,disturbed . It is not your job to fix her.There are loads of women out there that are loving and caring look for the qualities in your girlfriends that remind you of your mom’s best qualities. Never settle for nothing!

  3. Dump the girlfriend. Thank God for your parents who taught you compassion. Never treat your parents badly because your partner has no love or respect for them. After all they married the product of that sweet love in that home.

  4. The way you treat your Mother is a great indication of how you will treat her! Walk away, she will never understand and you both will be miserable! Thank you for your kindness!

  5. You need to find someone who can appreciate the wonderful person you are for caring as much for your mother.

  6. My advice...don't walk away...RUN. Run as fast as you can. Your girl friend is immature and unfeeling and you don't need her.

  7. Run like the wind and don't look back! Your mother took care of you and loved you. There other women out there that is worthy of your love and will support you! Take care of mom

  8. I was always told that you could tell a lot about a guy oh, by the way he treats his mother. Her loss move on.

  9. This girl has no right to speak to you this way you are a wonderful son there's a girl out there for you with your same values in life

  10. Walk away, she doesn't deserve you. She has no feeling. You can definitely do better. You only have one mother, and you are being a great son

  11. That is correct one mom and life is short she won't be here forever!!! How some of us can only wish we had are mom still here or had a mom to be close to.

  12. You are such a good son! Your mom made you the wonderful man that you are. If this girl doesn’t understand, she has issues, not you! You can look at how a man treats his mom to see how he will treat his wife. She should feel blessed!

  13. Your girl friend is the one with the problem. If she really cared for you, she would want you to spend time with your Mom. She has probably never had to "step up to the plate" for someone that needs her and has no empathy for anyone. She doesn't deserve you.

  14. You are perfectly normal and you are a wonderful young man. Your girlfriend just lost what could have been heaven and I hope you know when to let go...Your Mom has a wonderful son...Keep up your caring..Mom's are with us for short times...She needs you now, as you did as a child..

  15. Don't walk, run as fast as possible! If she doesn't realize that you're a good person now, she never will. You only get one mom, you can find someone more deserving of you. Run like Forest Gump!

  16. You can see the real person in situation like this. So, don't doubt yourself. Your mom needed you the most. You have a good heart and God will give you a reward for that. A better girlfriend who will love you and your mom.

  17. Walk away, run if you have too. People like that, will never change! There's a woman out there for you! Keep loving your mom! A lot of adult children realize as they get caught up in building their life, that their parents are getting older and getting close to the end of their life here. Cherish your parents. It's all in balancing your life and priorities!

  18. Hell yeah...Strap up those boots and keep on walking. Cold hearted winch! She doesn’t hold the love in her heart for others as yourself. Don’t waste anymore of your time. If they don’t love your family as they love you they aren’t worth it!

  19. Say goodbye to the girlfriend. RUN.....It sounds like it is all about her. What you did for your mom is so special. Memories are the best. The smile you brought to her face is priceless. You have only one mom. I agree with
    Barbara's comment. There are many women out there who would understand and be there for you. As Barbara says stay strong😊😊😊

  20. Walk away or run as fast as you can.Your a good guy to be helping your mom.That kind of girl will not be their for you when you are sick.

  21. Walk away, you only have ine Mum. Your girlfriend seems uncaring, if she had her way she would probably want your Mum in a nursing home

  22. The best way to know you have a keeper in the male gender is to see how they treat their mother. Your girlfriend does not deserve you. Keep doing what you are doing for your mother you are all she has and nothing is wrong with what you are doing it's awesome. You need to let your girlfriend go and move on.

  23. Stay with your mom .she's always been there for you.this is your time to be there for her.and if your girlfriend don't understand then she isn't for you.

  24. She doesn't worth any of your love. BELIEVE ME.. I've had an experience just like you. These people in reality they are jealous of compassion cause they don't have any. Stay with your mother. She raised you well. She needs you more now. YOU WILL GUIDE HER TO LIFE AGAIN..

  25. The girlfriend should go with you and make tea or share some other activity out of Kindness and Compassion for your Mother. If she refuses even that - walk quickly and completely away.

  26. Walk away. Stand by your mother. It sounds like you love and care for your mother very much. You will find someone that cares and loves you. I don't think she understands the meaning of love and affection.

  27. Walk away, because she Dosent understand the meaning of family, find a gjrl who will love you unconditional and have a big heart.

  28. Where have I heard this before some women are so jealous of a person's family walk as fast as you can or run as fast best of luck

  29. I understand the comments recommending you get rid of your girlfriend but... you and I have known unconditional love which is what you and your mom and dad have always had. Obviously, your gf has not experienced that in her life. If you value that as much as you seem to, you must try to help your girlfriend understand what that means by sticking by her and your mother. If your gf refuses to learn, then you should wish her well and let her go if you can.

  30. When I was dating my husband we were always at his house and never went anywhere. That was because his dad had cancer, was bedridden and needed to be carried to and from the bathroom. I loved and admired him all the more for taking such good care of his dad. Let that girl go. She seems to lack compassion.

  31. You should stand your ground. Your actions were loving, selfless and caring and if your girlfriend hasn't the heart to see that then there is something wrong with her. As my psychiatrist explained, actually boys and men with close relationships with their mothers most often have good, healthy loving relationships with women. Anyone who thinks it is perverse to lie close in bed with the woman who gave birth to you and for you to bring her out of her depression is unaware of the dynamics of love. I can't tell you what to do, but I can certainly warn you that your girlfriend is afraid to acknowledge feelings: jealousy especially and a craven need to conform to what others in a society at any given time believe is correct.

  32. Enjoy every second with your mama. Dump the girlfriend. She obviously has issues and lacks compassion. A good heart isn’t taught. You are a wonderful person that your parents I’m sure are proud of.

  33. That u would have to ask shows how caring and faithful u are ...... but that she can't even understand the concept of u caring for your mother means nothing u can ever do for her or love her will ever be enough she is selfish and self-centered and that is her problem u need to walk away

  34. Walk away she isn't the right person for you. You were only comforting your mother. Bravo young man!!!. My son has done the same for me when I'm feeling down and alone. You only have one mother and she won't always be there.

  35. You need someone like my wife in your life. She cares so much for my mother, whose 84 yrs old. She is more a daughter to my Mum than I am a son to her.

  36. Your girlfriend should understand the situation and that you want to share some of your time with her, especially since she lost your father. Stay true to your feelings for your mom and if your girlfriend thinks that is wrong then you need to walk away now.

  37. Run away run as far and as fast as you can. She is demented and absolutely has no kind of empathy for anyone. She is a self centered witch. I thought it was very sweet you spent that time with your mother. Stay close she will not be around forever.

  38. Your girlfriend has a very jealous spirit. It is very important that you be with your mom. If your girlfriend doesn't understand, it's because she wants all of your attention. That should be a warning to you. You deserve someone like yourself. Caring, loving, kind, compassionate, understanding. Do not settle for a jealous spirit.

  39. I think u seriously need to end this relationship with your girlfriend. She obviously doesn't understand what family is all about. Your a wonderful son. Don't ever doubt yourself. Your father would be very proud of you.

  40. Run as fast as you can. How dare she be so insensitive and totally off base. You just dodged a bullet my friend. By the way one of the ways to know a good man is how he treats his mother.

  41. We only have our parents for a short time as they grow older. Think about how you would like your future children to be with you. This young woman obviously had a very different childhood. Sad for her. But she clearly has no compassion. There is someone out there who will appreciate you for the loving person that you are. God Bless You.

  42. You did the right thing with your mom. Get rid of the girlfriend - she isn't worth the time of day. Be glad you are there for the ones you love; its all about not having any regrets when they do pass away. I never have a regret with either of my parents or my mother-in-law,

  43. Don't walk ,Run Away as fast as you can ,that girl is controlling, I should know about controlling people because some of my relatives were in controlling relationships, Take Care of your Mother,you won't regret it, and next time you get involved with another women make sure she is not controlling or demanding, Good Luck

  44. To me this is a no-brainer. If your girlfriend doesn't know about a mother-son relationship such as you describe, she definitely needs to go. Can't imagine anyone that "uncaring"!!

  45. Walk away, nothing wrong with spending time with your mom, we all wish we could be kids again, don't ever let a woman make you feel uncomfortable or make you choose your mom over her . If she hasn't yet it will.

  46. Don't walk away, RUN! Tbis is a selfish, egotistical young woman. You only have 1 mom, but You can have many GFs! Give your mom as much happiness as you can, once she's gone, it will be too late! Good luck and God bless!

  47. What you should do is thank God that you found out now how this woman has no heart, cold, and very hardened. Thank God for small favors because he did you one by letting you know ahead of time what this woman was all about. Drop her now if you want a warm and loving wife, she's not going to fill those shoes.

  48. Mom comes as No. One in my life! This is what i teach my children to do with their mom! When mom leaves i'm 100% sure that i will lose main blessing of my life! Treat your parents with respect while you have the chance! They brought you up to where you are now! Never forget that!!

  49. Walk away you have only one mom in life time.... and you will find some else who could appreciate for your good deed.

  50. The greatest gem in the world is that you are getting the opportunity to be with your mom during the time she most needed you. Material things don't count as everyone passed and leave it. Dump your girlfriend. You'll never regret each moment you made your mom smile. That's the most valuable treasure you will always have with you. It's priceless and worthable.
    May God bless every mother who has a son like you. Stay bless.

  51. Some day you will be a caring, loving, father & husband but not to her. Will be someone who appreciate the wonderful person you are. So just pray that you will find her. Don't ever change please, for nobody. May GOD continue by your side, with HIS Love, Joy, Hope and Peace forever. 🙏

  52. Having a relationship is amazing to have with your mother. But there are men and mother's that have not cut the cord and the some men don't know when to separate there relationship. I know I have been in a relationship like that.. but that being said a girlfriend should respect the relationship that you have with your mom if she can't deal walk way.

  53. Walk away, she has no compassion and don't no anything about love. She sounds like she's all about herself, she doesn't no about love, caring, compassion, emphthy. she's selfish it's all about herself. Leave and pray for her.

  54. Walk away if she treats u like that she is not worth it .
    Love your mum and be true to yourself .you will find a girl true to you.i lost my mum at 23 after nursing her since i was 11 .we were so close it broke me for 10 years and i miss her everyday but i have the memories and picture of her smile in my mind forever.

  55. You only have one Mom. Try and help mom get her life back on track. That is not the right girl for you. Sounds like your relationship falls into 100% on your side and 0%on hers. Her way always. Not suppose to be that way. Girlfriend sounds like whatever she wants regardless of your mom or maybe other family or even yourself she thinks she's first. Find another girl who is caring.

  56. Dump her. You will find someone who is compassionate beyond your wildest dreams. Someone who will look up to you for your example you set. You are an amazing young man. Hopefully theres a whole bunch of men who can learn from your example. The way you treat your mom is how you deserve to be treated.

  57. You are way to young to be thing to stay with a girl that has no feelings of the other person She has no compassion it’s seems like it’s all about her Your Mum has been there for you drop her like hot potato You just learned a big lesson the woman that love you will also love your Mum

  58. Obvious answer is right under your nose.. dont waste your time on someone who will not return that nor caring about somebody.

  59. My opinion, walk away. Rest assured if you were to get ill she would not have the empathy for you and would leave anyway. So sad there are coldhearted people like your girlfriend. You are a good son , the right lady will come along one day.

  60. Walk away. Don’t ever feel bad or different in any way because you care and love your mother, she gave you life. You are a good son. If she can’t respect that then you need to find someone who will. Good luck. Let the gf go. Sad.

  61. Thank GOD she showed her true colors.......she needs to move on she has a problem......drop her like a hot potato.and don't look what a selfish excuse for someone that said she loves you cause that sure is not love.GOD BLESS you and your mom.

  62. Walk away I lost my husband 3 months ago and I held his hand even after he took his last breath. That was the last time I was ever able to touch or kiss him!!! He is gone forever and I'm glad he knew I loved and cared about him. I so miss him!😐

  63. 🔊thanj god we still have young people that,have a sense of loyalty for the elderly.
    If your girlfriend wants you happy she would want you to continue to change nothing. She wi have you the rest of her life, find something to do .if she can' t work this out, you need to find someone. Who understand.
    Ifthe gurlfriend is this demanding now, the girlfriend will continue to control you. Do you want that?

  64. She got quite a sick mind. Must never have had to care for someone or even worry about them. So run find you somebody as caring as yourself. Life is to short to spend it with someone crazy like that.

  65. Search your beautiful heart for the answer, evidently, your girlfriend doesn't have one. Your Mom was there when you needed her, now, she needs for you to be there, for her. 💔

  66. Walk away, find someone who really cares and understands. You won't have your Mom Forever and you can always find another girlfriend. You sound like a very caring young man.

  67. I say run!!!! Run away and never look back. Your girlfriend is selfish and doesn’t deserve you!!! She’s the sick one . Who doesn’t love their moms and care if they are saddened by a great loss in their lives? I say you are better off without that mean spirited girlfriend. I hope your mom is ok and pulls through her depression. I can only imagine what it means to lose the love of your life. Good luck :-))

  68. Your girlfriend is ignorant. She doesn't realize how important your relationship is with your Mom. It shows your compassion and dedication to others. So many people are lacking in that. Being supportive to your Mom is not wrong but also remember to take care of yourself. Encourage her to get out and try something new. She has to do this to move on. Will it make her miss her husband less, No but she will feel better about herself. God bless her and you. You deserve to be supported to and if that girlfriend is jealous or can't understand what true love is. You deserve to have that love too. God bless you and your Mom

  69. Let me say this would you prefer your mom be gone because if she's depressed that is exactly what will happen. And you wouldn't be able to stand this woman you call your girlfriend. Your girl friend sounds very immature, just childish, if she really cared she & u would be there 4 ur mom & take turns s, as a matter of fact someone needs to be with your mom at all times. Get rid of this woman please