The Two Pebbles

The Two Pebbles

The Two Pebbles

Posted by NTD Inspired Life March 19, 2018, 3:29 p.m.

He said he would forgo the farmer's debt if he could marry his daughter... Watch what she does!

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  1. I guess one could say what goes around comes around the money lender wanted to cheat but his cheating came back upon him .It never pays to cheat.

  2. I have always believed that every problem has a solution.

  3. Great Story , With a great Lesson to learn !!!

  4. This video is so racist and anti-semitic.
    Why do you portray the money-lender (whom you clearly characterize as a lying, cheating ogre) as being obviously Jewish? This is appalling and I am reporting it to Facebook. Shame on you.

  5. This story is similar to someone's story

  6. Great lesson! With God all things are possible!

  7. How brilliant and wise she is..stunning..much inspired..

  8. with God ALL things are possible.

  9. So dad was a dead beat who didn't pay back his debit

  10. We need the wisdom that comes only from God Almighty

  11. Beautiful story I hope a lot of people in the world just like a lady

  12. Also the women are much smarter then the dishonest men!

  13. I like that esoteric teaching "think outside of the box".

  14. Thanks for sharing,i missed you two.i'm going to Thailand in July to visit my other family.

  15. Thanks for making up a "sweet" story and spreading anti-semitism!!!

  16. Perhaps she should have married the old landlord. He is going to die soon anyway.

  17. Siddiq,(Truth) Amanah, (Trustworthy )Tabligh, (Promoting Good Deeds/Preventing Evil Deeds, Fatonnah ( Wisdom )..She was guided by The Al Mighty and used her wisdom... Hehe..Clever Girl..

  18. Smart thinking n outwitted the ogre money lender

  19. Win Dolores parang yung riddle ko sayo na princess at soldier

  20. This is brilliant; what a wise girl.

  21. Bhawana RajPurohit this is especially for u..
    Akshita Chauhan must watch