The cute Dimdim

The cute Dimdim

The cute Dimdim

Posted by NTD Inspired Life Jan. 31, 2018, 2 p.m.

An unbelievable story of a Penguin crossing 8000 km every year to reunite with his love ❤

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  1. Just so beautiful. Lucky man and lucky penguin to have such a wonderful bond and friendship. Animals aren't daft, they know a good heart when they find it and show no fear because they know they are safe. I hope these two have many more happy years together.

  2. Very beautiful love and bonding time..The hello and goodbye being done, the excitement and joy of seeing each other again..two different creatures but love is the same in their hearts..A story so unforgettable for me. The love in my heart and my soul makes me understand it all.
    All in one..truly a beautiful story. Thank you for sharing.

  3. Love, care, and kindness for others are strong emotions in every species of man and animals - what you give is what you get in return - in God's kingdom, that's how it is always meant to be - God bless those who know how to embrace that😇♥️

  4. Dimdim is very grateful for rescued and helping him to bring back alive and never forget you.Thanks João you are a hero and Dimdim has a happy feets now! Soooo cute.👴🐧💙

  5. other living beings are not like humans. they know who loves them and they always return it in more way than one. they also have feelings. this is proof enough of that. it is the humans who think that most animals do not have any feelings. there is so much proof of what is otherwise...

  6. How wonderful for both of them cuz they found each other and I hope it continues! What an encouraging story ❣️

  7. Animals are sometimes smarter and caring then humans. He has to dart sharks to get home. Also seals and other predators.

  8. So beautiful have been reading about this now for awhile but love seeing coming back l hope it goes on for long time lovely

  9. It warms my heart to hear of such a beautiful person and his special bond with this little creature of God.

  10. Damn how will it know when he dies and comes looking everywhere for him. Hed prob come for a few years even risking getting eaten etc :(

  11. Beautiful story. At times, it seems that animals are more appreciative than humans.

  12. Beautiful, God's creatures are amazing!💗

  13. I smiled and cried watching this a couple of times. What a wonderful bond. Loved this video.

  14. This is a special story,is very precious and beyond. Words.

  15. That is so amazing!! Dim Dim your adorable, glad you were saved.

  16. GOD sees us all time and his invisible power work through all of his creation.


  18. Beautiful I still can't believe people say animals have no feelings

  19. Yep,they know.We could learn so much from animals of every kind ! 💕💙❤️💚

  20. Beautiful story, animals love each other and humans who are good to them

  21. Watching this made the world a warmer place for a while
    Thank you

  22. Another Happy feet what a great movie it would make

  23. God is great and wonderful creator of everything good for us to appreciate

  24. Very remarkable and wonderful relationship with each other.

  25. What a beautiful story of a friendship that will last forever

  26. Beautiful story great man for saving him

  27. So true, he didn't forget the kindness that he showed him.

  28. The meek, shall inherit the earth.

  29. Beautiful story...thank u for sharing..

  30. Wow !how cool is that...don't pollute. .the theory we crawled out of the sea maybe

  31. What a lovely story it melts your heart xxx

  32. What a beautiful story they are both very lucky

  33. Awesome true story, animals know who saved him

  34. They say penguins mate for life. They are very loyal

  35. This is a beautiful story I love it

  36. You saved his life and was so good to Dimdim. He was very grateful. God bless you both

  37. This is a wonderful story.

  38. It pays to be kind to animals. They will remember you in a way they can.

  39. Touching story,, heartwarming

  40. Animals, birds can love back too.

  41. This is such a heartwarming story.

  42. Love that, beautiful bonding of love dream on it does happen

  43. I hope God Blesses with you plenty more years to be with Diddim.