The gender pay gap costs Canadian women almost $16,000 a year

The gender pay gap costs Canadian women almost $16,000 a year
Image from: Global News

Yes, there’s even a gap in STEM jobs.

Full Article: Global News


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  1. Performances, results, personality and career choices .... There is no pay gap.

  2. Just because you are a specific gender doesn't mean you should get more or less. If a person complains about not getting paid a certain amount they could:

    1.) Get a different job
    2.) Work harder/more often
    3.) Spend more time working then complaining about work.

  3. Pleeeeeaaaaase give me 6 examples of the same job shared by men and women that women are paid less!!?? I’m not arguing it I honestly have not been able to find it.

  4. I expected better of Global news. The pay gap is the most misrepresented statistic in all of academia. First of all the 77 cents to a mans dollar statistic is just the comparison between the annual gross salaries of men and women. Secondly, the pay gap does not take into account LEVEL OF EDUCATION, HOURS WORKED, PERFORMANCE, JOB POSITION, SALARY NEGOTIATION and VACATION TIME. When President Barrack Obama cited that women make 77 cents on a mans dollar, it a statistic taken in 2008. That 77 gap is even smaller now as there are MORE WOMEN THAN MEN IN UNIVERSITY. The "pay gap" is not a product of a part of a global patriarchal scheme, but rather a reflection of that men are working in higher paying, higher skill fields. That being said times are changing and women are vastly outnumbering men in the medical fields and are growing in their participation in STEM fields. Not sexism at all, just misrepresented facts. Global news, you are not CNN or Buzzfeed, please stop pandering to SJWs.

  5. The media has a credibility gap.

  6. Pay gap? or Statistical manipulation? Income gaps comparisons over a 35 year career are meaningless unless you break out the obvious - ie child rearing, education /specialities/ geography.

    I doubt the gap is near as big as these activists portray.

  7. What needs to be reported on is the average hours of work/year...many women work part time and also take maternity leave. Let's see those figures compared to the hours worked by men/year then we can chat.

  8. Why not put everybody on commission, or piece work, then everybody will be paid what they are worth.

  9. So we all agree then that gender is not just a social construct.

  10. How about a study on the gender pay gap for male and female escorts.

  11. When men live as long as women, they can get paid the same... :)

  12. If you decide to have kids thrn expect to be off without pay....

  13. The media has a credibility gap..?

  14. Woman live longer then men so of course they earn less. The number will all even up in the end.

  15. ....feminist nonsense. The goal is to destroy the family via social engineering and divide/conquer.

  16. No not pursuing a richer career tract costs women money.

    Either get a valuable skill or get down and dangerous in the muck to earn your cash.

  17. Reporters exist on a plain of existence that barely touches actual reality.

  18. Not for us poor people. This is a rich people argument.

    Edit: it still shouldn't exist obviously

  19. It doesn't "cost" them anything. They haven't earned the money to begin with.

  20. If you decide to have kids then expect to be off without pay....

  21. #fakenews

  22. It's not a pay gap. It's an earnings gap. Women work less hours, thus end up earning less. This has been proven over and over again, so much so that the feminists that drew up the latest UN Stats surrounding this tried to muddy the waters by adding in household chores and child raising as "hours worked".