The most touching dance of mother and son

The most touching dance of mother and son

The most touching dance of mother and son

Posted by NTD Inspired Life Feb. 6, 2018, 6 p.m.

This brought me to tears! It might be The Most Unusual yet Beautiful wedding dance that you have ever seen ❤️

Credit: @kristeena.rheault

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  1. This woman RAISED a good son. He will be a very good husband and father. Bless both of them, plus their family.

  2. Reminded me of the Beautifu l song: by Garth...The dance! It was a special time for this Mother and what a great son. God bless her and the Son she did such a wonderful job raising . They always say: you can judge a man's character by the way he treats his Mother!

  3. Moved Beyond tears what an honor to this lovely woman and what an incredible son she raised this is what life is all about people watch learn practice we need this kind of love on our Earth so badly right now

  4. What a beautiful tribute to a Mother! He's a wonderful son to show his devotion to his Mother! I'm sure it was the best way to acknowledge his love and respect and love for her! And I'm sure she earned that love as well! Just a beautiful tribute!

  5. Bless this man and his family. What a beautiful story. Always celebrate the good times with your mom and cherish them because the day will cone when all you have is memories. Show her your live to her daily. I miss my mom dearly but I have memories.

  6. Has I watched this I cried I saw how much love and Respect he had for his Mother my son got married Twice I was Never asked, I RAISED MY children by myself !The Second time he married he asked his father not me! THAT HURT SO MUCH,

  7. What an astounding young men you are ,absolutely heartwarming and tearful!! God bless you all may she RIP!!

  8. What a beautifull true Gentleman you are,and id say thats all due to how your Darling Mum bought you up to be a loveing and careling Gentle Soul you are,im so so sorry you lost your Beautifull Mum,may your Mum Rest IN Peace.xx

  9. You're a son every mother would be proud of! You gave your MOM the best day of her life and she went to heaven knowing her SON was a happy thankful young man!

  10. Amen. Be grateful for our parents. We don't get to choose them, and we should be careful, how we treat our parents. They're the only ones we'll ever have. Let's enjoy them, while we have them. And appreciate them for giving us life, love, etc.

  11. Omg I have tears! We tried to have this win my mom but she could only do the ceremony. She is gone now but that day was special like when my mom saw me in my dress.

  12. So very touching and beautiful I cried like a baby when I saw that!! What a wonderful son he'll be a wonderful husband and father as well God bless them!!

  13. This is beautiful. I know I miss my Mama and Daddy everyday. Be thankful everyday. You don't know how long you have with your parents.

  14. This is so touching and beautiful. It was posted a few years ago and the mother and son danced to "A hero is born." It was just a marvelous tribute to the woman he called his mother. RIP.

  15. So beautiful !! Had my last dance with my dad on February 18 2017 . And passed in a hour later that night. Miss him so much . That what me and my dad loved to do is dances. I have great moments and I will always think of you daddyin heaven. Miss you!!

  16. She raised a man. Very gratefully and Respectful to his Mother. Congratulations on your marriage. So very sorry for the lost of your Mother. I lost mine in 1998. I didn't think I was gonna be able to make it without her.

  17. Very touching what a wonderful man when my son got married I wasn't even recognize pictures were taken but I wasn't in one of them my son and I were always close not so much anymore the woman he married doesn't like me she really doesn't like any of the family God bless this man and his bride for showing his mother love and compassion

  18. What a beautiful memory he has of his mother. He was very special to take those few moments just for her. As a mother I am certain she loved & cherished every second with her son.

  19. what a beautiful video what a truly wonderful man he grew up to be & his bride a wonderful lady for doing this for them best of everything to you both i was raised by my gramma so ............. you guys were lvery lucky to have her

  20. Beautiful story, so true. Miss my parent's ! They
    Brought so much joy to all of us. May his parents
    Watch over them and the rest of their family !💟

  21. So touching and beautiful brought me to tears what a wonderful thing that you did with her she was so happy God bless you

  22. What a beautiful thing he did for his mom it shows so much love respect and what a good son he was and is to her he will make a wonderful husband and father to his children

  23. Wow, what a thoughtful son. His wife was a gem to watch with such feeling for her new mother in law. I hope they will always feel peace in their marriage. God bless.💕💕💕💕

  24. Yeah I cried when I told my mom and my step dad same thing before they passed away .Wow it does bring good memories for things they've done for us in the family . I'm thankful for having good parents .

  25. Oh my .cried all through it .this was so special and you could see it was real love for his mom .beautiful

  26. So beautiful and very touching. What a loving son. I'm still crying!!! He's going to be a loving husband. ❤️❤️❤️😪😪😪😘😘😘🎶🎶🎶

  27. Awesome!!! My tears flow slowly in to my cheeks... it is very special moment for both of them...
    The story is divided into two HAPPY & SAD....RIP.... Good luck for the future Son....

  28. Beautiful, I had a Special Niece die from this Awful diseases.It was terrible to watch her die from this.We don't know how she got it .But I know she is in God's hands and she is an Angel in Heaven ,Her name is Christy Lee Norman, Rest In Peace ,I love you !

  29. How beuatiful to watched this video it touched my heart. I've noticed tears flows from my eyes. Always show your love to your mother while they're still alive.

  30. She is a good person who raised a great son who has a kind heart and will be a good husband and father to his children. God bless this family

  31. My dad died of this disease, I so wish I had one more dance with him. I’d love to have the opportunity to make him feel this special. Love you dad.

  32. Bought tears in my eyes. Thank you for sharing. And yes our mom is a beautiful woman who took care off all her children's. I still missing my mom. While I posting these I have tears in my eyes. My mom were the best mom that I have. She will always be in my heart. She past on January 8th, 2016. She was 89years old. Can't wait to see her in Heaven. May she rest in LOVE.

  33. That was a sweet and loving thing her son did for her showed her how much he loved her. This made me cry. But not tears of sadness but of joy for him his wife sand his Mom.

  34. Mother and Son, share an Unconditional Love. A beautiful memory, he will keep close in his heart...Always and Forever. 💞

  35. Brilliant buddy u made her day she's obviously so proud of u her precious son god bless u and rip mum

  36. I'm crying. That is so beautiful. What an wonderful son. This man is going to be a wonderful husband and father. I miss my parents, I Have great memories too.

  37. This lady raise a very special young man very respectable.God bless you young man.Everyone know that you truly really did 💘 your mother very much. May she rest in heaven

  38. This made me cry. How sad. I just hate this disease. I know 4 people that have passed from this and I knew 2 of them quite well. One was only 32.

  39. I made sure I called my mom every single day and told her how much I loved her and now I tell her every day how much I miss her and wished she was still here!!

  40. I miss my parents alot. So for all y'all that still have your parents with you tell them you love them every day while you can !! 💋

  41. What a great son and such a beautiful thing he did for his Mother and a moment he will hold in his heart forever.

  42. What a wonderful loving, touching inspirational story. Thank you you for sharing your precious moment with your Mom!❤️🙏🏻