Tillerson, Trump and timing | LIVE Q&A

Tillerson, Trump and timing | LIVE Q&A

Tillerson, Trump and timing | LIVE Q&A

Posted by CBC News March 13, 2018, 6:30 p.m.

Trump ousted Rex Tillerson as U.S. secretary of state today, after months of speculation. CBC's Lyndsay Duncombe is taking your questions LIVE from the White House.

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  1. If you're having trouble with the stream try a re-fresh. ^cb

  2. We're also streaming on YouTube.

  3. Trump, speaking to reporters on the White House lawn on Tuesday, cited the Iran nuclear deal as an example of an issue that he and Tillerson disagreed on. ^cb

  4. Looks like we're having some trouble with our live stream. You can also participate on YouTube here: https://youtu.be/pKR8CS3mE_M ^cb

  5. What the heck - where did Fox News come from all of a sudden? I was enjoying CBC here, the best news in the world and then Fox News pops up on the screen. ??

  6. Doesn't matter what you think of Tillerson, the way this was handled-tweet 1st, actually talk to Tillerson later is so disrespectful. Disgusting!

  7. Who cares as long as our Country is running 🏃‍♀️ like Clock Work

  8. Real news don’t be fooled by ppl saying fake news this is real news

  9. Now the CIA is openly in charge.
    Gina Cheri Haspel has been named Deputy Director of the CIA. She is a former director of a black-op torture site in Thailand. By the widely accepted standards of international law, she is a criminal who should be tried and sent to Leavenworth.

  10. Trump is going at Firing people. When is this country Fire him!! My hope is by the next election. Before I'm barrages with the ones who love him as much as he loves himself, this is my own opinion. Thank God as an American, we still have that tight. God bless America!!

  11. Won't believe anything CBC said !

  12. The last grown up has left the white house

  13. What a mess!! This president is a mess!!

  14. Trump is doing this to make his mark in history. Wants to be remembered as a president who did things his own unique way and didn't follow the same suit that his predecessors have done for years prior. He will undoubtedly go down in history leaving a mark that will always be remembered as the president who defied the American way and it's proud people.

  15. It's the apprentice us govt edition

  16. We going to watch the little orange man speak

  17. How can he run the country, when he cant even run the White House?

  18. The feed keeps repeating without the whole story being presented ......

  19. What affect, if anything, will this have on relations between the USA and Canada?

  20. Okay, now the Facebook live video was interrupted and I was moved to ABC. First Fox news - then ABC.

  21. I see we have many Snowflakes ❄️ on here so I’m not wasting my time commenting. If I were u guys I would get Candidates that can solve problems other than resistance!!

  22. Hire me I’ll make America greater again

  23. why did the cbc( rosie barton) try to create a negative narrativeon the PC leadership race? why is cbc pro liberal?

  24. Bloody Hell!!!!! What next!!???

  25. Tillerson was key on NAFTA. What now?

  26. Tillerson a class act- a voice of reason

  27. Anyone want to make a bet Tillerson saw the writing on the wall after the Kim Jong Un summit announcement and decided to go out in a blaze of glory by attacking Putin?

  28. It's the US Government... not "The Apprentice".. LOL!

  29. http://brianlilley.com/cbc-pushes-fake-news-to-spur-a-racial-divide/

  30. Donnie's dementia is showing again.

  31. Privatize CBC, not more hand outs.

  32. What affect will this have if anything on relations between the USA and Canada on International Relations?

  33. Cant wait to see that America going to get F**ked !! Lol 😂😂😂

  34. He’s not your typical Political panny wastes. This is wat the American people voted for.

  35. Timing is suspicious....distracts Fox News viewers (he doesn't care about CNN viewers) from the disaster special election results.

  36. For a former oil exec, he was much better than we thought he'd be. Unlike others in the Trump is so inconsistent that

  37. Right about now Donald Trump is arriving in San Diego.. any connection with respect to the timing of both of these events? Trump to California, Tillerson ousted?

  38. Whoever got a bit of brain can't be tolerated by this BS. He's the Hitler of 21st century, and dragging the world to a disastrous war, F@ you Mr. Trumpler!

  39. Cadet bone spurs like conflict and disagreement as long as it isn't with him. His narcissism gets in the way.

  40. Can North America and the world survive The next three years of Trump incompetence? He just fires anyone with whom he has a disagreement. Wow. Very Scary

  41. More likely, Trump will go down in history as the first US president to go to prison...

  42. What does this mean between Donald trumps Rex Tillerson

  43. Trump wants to follow the China Lead and get himself made President for LIfe. Out with Democracy.

  44. You’re fired !!!! He should’ve ran with that !!! Lmao this guy


  46. If you don’t read Trumps (demented) ever changing mind you are out

  47. A totally dis functional administration. Trump