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Meanwhile... over at TinyTuxies HQ... this is what the hilarious Riska does when someone else is getting petted.

Riska is from Chloe, Ramona and Rula's colony, and is being treated for alopecia (baldness) from allergies. She is responding well to treatment, and is oh, so ready for a family who will pet her sooooo much: TinyKittens.com/adopt :D

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  1. She reminds me so much of my baby. He's very bonded to my mom's cat so I had to leave him with her when I moved out, but he's also black, got allergies, and insists on being the center of attention. I wish I lived closer or knew how to get her here, because she'd be getting so much love.

  2. Remind me of my Simba. If his big brother, Samson, is getting attention except him, he gets mad. And I’m talking “if looks could kill” mad🤣

  3. I wonder if there is a sensation or itching with her condition? Or at the very least a need to be petted - like groomed distributing oils on her skin?

  4. Puffpuffs cc: Hey! Somebody get this naked rental outta here! I've had it up to HERE wiff makin good choices today!

  5. Oh, sweet kitty. When you've had to live rough all your life I guess you never get caught up on being petted.

  6. I really, really, really want Riska. Unfortunately, I can't afford to fly up there to get her. I have two black cats now and she would be the perfect addition.

  7. Cute and it's always great to see them interacting with their caregivers and other kitty cats. ;-) <3

  8. Is that grumpy...I mean....grandpa Mason I see in the background on his couch 😆😆😆❤️❤️❤️

  9. She sooooo wants to be petted and snuggled. Awwww?

  10. I have fallen in love with Riska and wish I lived close enough to be able to adopt her <3

  11. Risks is a special, special girl...he makes me smile A LOT..And Quinnie in the background is a bonus❤❤❤

  12. I wonder if Riska would like Glasgow? We need kitten jet packs

  13. It's soo great to see a vid of the pawsome puff puffs !!!!

  14. Why don't you have any new Kittens for Grandpa yet?

  15. And a Bunny video bomb at the end :D

  16. Riska & her hinky tail...what a lover! 😍😍😍😍