Trump’s CIA director pick Gina Haspel known for overseeing ‘torture’ program

Trump’s CIA director pick Gina Haspel known for overseeing ‘torture’ program

She oversaw an operation where a terror suspect was waterboarded 83 times in one month, The New York Times reported.

Then it was concluded that he had no useful information to provide.

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  1. I think people who oversee torture should have to experience it like the police and tasers. I bet if she had to experience those barbaric acts, she would have quit the very same day.

  2. hey if u guys an gals don't want her we could use her in Canada lets start with trudeau

  3. Global news: Why we need gender parity in politics
    Also global news: Should we have gender quotas in bussiness?
    Also global news: why trumps first female CIA director is bad.
    No,no trump not that women silly

  4. So now its back to 18 century england torchure chambers umtill they confess what ever they want then they kill them anyway simple solution haaa

  5. Well these are enemy combatants and possibly terrorists if a confession comes out of it . That makes them less than human or at least less than Conservatives.

  6. Well he should not have been a Terrorist!!! like Omar kadhr Eh!!!

  7. Well, Trumps presidency seems to be torture for a lot of people so this appointment seems fitting.

  8. It is well known that information gained through torture is unreliable. John Barron doesn't care.

  9. The more I read about Trump the more you think of Hitler. He too like to torture people.

  10. Not even required to read this article. She oversaw legal torture that the US Government sanctioned. If it wasn't her, it would've been someone else. In the past, Democrat people did it when it was not illegal too. Big deal.

  11. Great. Now Trump can start having people who speak out against him killed just like Papa Putin.

  12. That was then, this is now. We should never have had the war in Iraq.

  13. Another ghoul in Trump's way dysfunctional government!!

  14. So...isis terrorists don't torture captives...before killing them?

  15. Trump is just following Trudeau's diversity agenda . Brenda Lucki heads the RCMP and Gina Haspel runs the CIA.

  16. I'm pretty sure Hillary oversees Bill's torture daily. Poor guy lol.

  17. Liberals are triggered because trudeau wants to bring isis here for retraining.

  18. Well its ok if a woman is in charge of the waterboarding. She's not a white male! 😂

  19. Tough, I'm with her, now bring the next one in!

  20. Well, I'm not sure where he digs up people like this, but he sure loves to enable and promote them.

  21. The Donnie is ever getting himself to the bottom of the barrel with his picks and where he himself resides.

  22. So the water boarding worked.


  23. I bet she the life of the party 🎉 lol

  24. Project Treadstone... Haha... Oh geez.

  25. Republicans need to be stopped
    They are obviously paid agents of foreign governments. .they hate america..and the rest of the world

  26. Trump is startin to drain the swamp