Trump's $4.4T U.S. budget would move deficits sharply higher

Trump's $4.4T U.S. budget would move deficits sharply higher
Image from: CBC News

Donald Trump has unveiled a $4.4T budget that — unlike the one he released last year — doesn't come close to promising a balanced ledger even after 10 years.

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  1. Funny how the CBC funded by the Liberal government doesn't see a problem with selfie boy's deficits but cries out loud about the one south of the border...

  2. Obama took the US debt from $10T to $20T over 8 years, where was CBC and all the commentators then? Hypocrites.

    At least the Trump tax cut did trickle down to millions of middle class people in the form of bonuses or wage increases, what did Trudeau bring to the middle class in Canada?

    In Canada we do the opposite, we drive away foreign investment and increase the costs of doing business and living here.

  3. Funny how so many of his plans completely disintegrate the country a couple years after a (theoretical) second term ends.

    I just can't even any more with this POS

  4. Isn't the same thing being done here in Canada by our current government?
    Seems like this is the current trend for the people running "Peoplekind".

  5. Surely by now we still aren't expecting him to keep.his promises??
    No one knows budgets better than he does. He's a very very smart man. He said so.

  6. The genuis that went to a prestious Ivy League College can't even balance a budget, he doesn't have a clue (how can you scew the Govt. when you don't hold all the cards? Like you do when you neogiate the Art of the Deal? You are so lost

  7. Not his problem, he got his tax break. What’s that translate to over ten years? Some 25 million a year over 10 years. All he gave up was a measly 400k presidents salary. Awesome return! MAGA

  8. He’ll blame it on the Democrats, the democrats will blame it on trump and the republicans and the rest of them will buy it one way or the other in the end suffering from it.

  9. The one smart thing iheaed him say was
    "America's should be driving American cars"
    Do that. Start in Detroit..

  10. Lol..the nosy Canadian.
    Look at the dirt under your own carpet.
    Dont worry my lityle Canadian elites..." The budget will balance itself"

  11. Running the Country just like he runs his businesses.

  12. If only he knew what a budget deficit was.............

  13. He loves debt, and bankruptcy. He has said it billions and billions and billions of times. Lol

  14. This man can cure aids the media will say something bad about him?

  15. So he couldn't get anyone else to pay for anything for him? That's a shame.

  16. Let’s worry about our own deficit.Not sure what is with CBC’s fascinaction with every thing Trump.

  17. just declare baankruptcy and start over, and start with infrastructure

  18. Any updates on Trudeaus lies? Or mocking Peter Kent in HoC about Nazis? Anything CBC?

  19. Guess Donnie is thinking that the U. S. is the last casino in his empire that he has yet to drive into the ground!

  20. greg you are in another wworld like all demos

  21. his deficit plan is just as bad as trudeau's haha.unless he does cuts to make up for the cost.

  22. Add Trump $3,000,000 Plus Golfing Weekend's and 111 Days Vacation Days the first year!

  23. Republicans only care about deficits created by Democrats.

  24. Exactly when did this become an issue with the Lunatic left?

  25. So what happens when he declares bankruptcy for the country, just like his companies?

  26. The ever widening gap between words and deeds. 😖

  27. Maybe he has been talking to Trudeau,the budget will balance It self .

  28. Why does that sound so familiar.....?

  29. Trump lied??? CALL THE PAPERS, THIS IS HOT NEWS!!!

  30. Wait till the actual years end treasury receipts. Fiction untill then

  31. Trump Republican Copied Failed Reagan Trickle Down Economy!

  32. Deficits only matter when a Dem is president.

  33. What about the Tea Party?

  34. Pffft...its only money...

  35. Like Obama, not his problem.