Video showing jury delivering Gerald Stanley verdict taken down from Facebook

Video showing jury delivering Gerald Stanley verdict taken down from Facebook
Image from: CBC News

The video, just over a minute long and legally prohibited, was taken in an overflow room reserved for the public while the trial was taking place upstairs.

Full Article: CBC News


  1. The real victim in all this is Mr. Stanley.

  2. Clearly someone targeting the jurors. CBC News and the Liberal Government have worked tirelessly to try to spin public opinion when it's clear that people are absolutely fine with a man defending his family from a group of drunk and armed individuals. All they've done is emboldened people like this person sharing the video, that would want to strike out at the juror's. CBC and the government should be ashamed.

  3. I heard these kids robbed someone 20 min prior, and a loaded weapon in the car...not that he would know that before he shot...

  4. The jurors lives could be in danger.

  5. Trudeau and Raybould have corrupted this mans trial. they need to resign.

  6. The person responsible for the taking of the video and posting to Facebook will receive more punishment than the person who killed another person.

  7. Shame on all the cowards who are more upset with a video than a murderer walking free.

  8. If anyone gets can own it for all the muckraking as well as liberal politicians for taking sides.

  9. Some people just refuse to understand why we have rules and follow those rules.

  10. Remember everyone this trial took place in racist Saskatchewan . Everyone is surprised at the outcome . Really ?????

  11. what the young man did was so wrong, but a all white jury now that is scary

  12. Another.cover up.story! Nice try!

  13. I never seen this