Vincent Trocheck Goal

Vincent Trocheck Goal

So. Much. Speed. 💨

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jan mur, young team, certain team, unlucky team, fun era regardless, les oilers sont pourri,


  1. Oilers are getting spanked. Its great. Especially considering analysts and oiler fans had them winning the cup this year.

  2. I've been wanting to get into Hockey, but have never taken the time to pick a team or follow one, so I thought it would be cool to have people on here help persuade me into being a fan of a certain team.
    Just name the team and why I should become a fan.
    After it's all said and done, I will choose the team from the responses.

  3. Hahaha I love the hate. Go Oilers Go. A young team with no where to go but up. Going to be a fun era regardless of this disappointing season.

  4. Teams from the basement are the best to watch..they have nothing to lose..Florida is very unlucky team and the Oilers beating only the tough teams !!

  5. 10 more years until Oilers make playoffs again. Just need 4 more 1st overall picks

  6. Trocheck is the most underrated player.

  7. an oilers video without seeing Mcdavid ... thats a first

  8. Give the Panthers credit. This was a tough road game for them to win. Go vinnie!

  9. David, the speed wasn’t the goal; it was deking out the ref there xD

  10. Effort, skill, and more effort, that's Trochek GO CATS!

  11. when the title said "speed", i thought it was McDavid

  12. If anyones getting spanked its the hawks... might be getting first overall pick at this rate🤣🤣🤣🤣

  13. Watch if oilers got Dahlin all of you would be salty as hell.

  14. Marc Fournier j’renie les panthers mais jmennuie des skills de trocheck

  15. And now all oilers fans gunna be out buying leafs jerseys

  16. Nice Refing No PP for the Oil

  17. keep calm oilers....rasmus is waiting for you

  18. Can you say... another lottery pick

  19. That's not McDavid. Fake news.

  20. That’s a fast hockey guy.

  21. So much faster than McQueen 👌

  22. We are in need of good D and goalies

  23. (Owen Wilson voice) wow Sebastian Betsch

  24. Julian Buss heute wieder dicke Packung

  25. William Dionne pareil comme ton goal à soir!

  26. Philip Saint les oilers sont pourri

  27. Jan Števančec jutri Jan Muršak proti ZDA 😄

  28. That was nasty Michael Krissnanand

  29. Reese Tigert Benjamin Davis Ty Trevorrow