William Nylander Goal - February 12 vs. Tampa Bay

William Nylander Goal - February 12 vs. Tampa Bay

All the right moves and William Nylander gets his second of the night. #TMLtalk

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  1. Leafs need to wake the f up in their own end. Marner and a few guys looked very lazy on that Tampa goal.

  2. This team will be in the cup very soon!

  3. The top two lines are pushing each other. Freddy is playing at a Vezina level. This team is soooo close to being legit Cup contenders!!!

  4. Question is, do the Leafs blow the 3-1 lead and lose the game in the 3rd period.

  5. Flippin blackout, I could've watched this live!

  6. Nylander says to Marner after he put up 5 points against Ottawa......whatever you can do I can do better!🤣😉👍

  7. Great goal and another great play from Matthews to get him the puck as well....Nylander looking better every game..Matthews is only 20..lol

  8. Love seeing the leafs beat top tier teams

  9. No idea how good it feels to see them winning.

  10. Keep your foot on the gas Leafs.

  11. You can't save what you can't see.

  12. Great game for Willy and Mathews line. GLG GLG GLG

  13. Fantastic player..again 👏🏻👏🏻

  14. David Copenace breakaway in wfb.