Zach Werenski Scores a Huge Go-Ahead Goal.

Zach Werenski Scores a Huge Go-Ahead Goal.
Image from: NHL

The Columbus Blue Jackets were down 3-1.

Then Zach Werenski did this. #StanleyCup

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  1. The NHL is trying so hard to help Washington win. The goalie interference calls are pathetic! The D man shoves him in where are you gonna go?

  2. Cant lose in the 2nd rd if you don't make it to the 2nd rd!

  3. well betamn and his ref qwill make sure wash win goal tender interference BS BETMAN waits the matter the Vegas get to you to rig the game he was making a play and wash thug pushed him into the gaol tender you let that thug ovechkillyen get away with so much worth what uteer crap betman

  4. Let’s go jackets! Wanted Tom Wilson suspended but as long as he keeps drawing penalties I’m good with it.

  5. As a caps fan I literally feel nothing anymore. This is what we call the norm.

  6. Then he took a stupid delay of game penalty. Must be hanging out with his bfff Dylan Larkin too much. He's making the same dumb mistakes.

  7. Good Lord 4 goalie interference calls in two games... I hope the next time the jackets look at their goalie we don't get called for that too.

  8. Everyone knows the refs were doing whatever they could to help Washington, don’t rigged sports have to go by entertainment not league?

  9. Now it’s 4-4 but Sling TV decided to shut it off. 🙄 ...because apparently the Vegas/LA game is restricted in Florida. What???

  10. Does Alexander Ovechkin complain about Russia not helping him win in Washington instead?

  11. Bruins fan and pulling for Columbus in this one!

  12. CBJ wants it more. The Caps lose this game and series then it's a done deal for Trotz in DC.

  13. explain to me why after the whistle blows the caps thug gets a chicken sh!t slug to the face of columbus player but thats okay because can not penalize betmans poster boys team

  14. Adam Jones hohoho the blue jackets taking it to the capitals

  15. bring on cbj for the pens pens will crush the cbj go pens

  16. Jokes on us, we won’t get to beat them in the second round this year 😒

  17. Do I hear Ken Daniels commentary?? 😪😪 Rip redwings

  18. The refs in this league are absolute trash!

  19. Almost feel like I’m watching the Blues play....
    Especially since it was a PP goal 🤣

  20. the caps doing all they can to avoid the 2nd round curse lmao

  21. Bobrovsky is playing like an absolute beast right now.

  22. Hard to think he doesn’t win multiple Norris trophy’s in his career!

  23. 1st round bounce for the Caps?

  24. Cardiac caps doing their fans proud.....this team is such a hot mess lol

  25. Daniel Rda Tobin how many years have we talked about the Caps coach getting fired

  26. I'm not surprised about the caps!

  27. I'm still shocked Trotz didn't get the boot last season.

  28. And now they are going to OT because they can’t stop with the stupid penalties

  29. See Washington you win by working as a team not relying on 1 guy

  30. Referees have a lot of goals tonight, this is brutal

  31. The Choking Dogs living up to their reputation ahead of schedule.....

  32. Playing like a team that’s had their souls crushed two years in a row. Poor Caps.

  33. David DiMauro typical Washington Fashion.

  34. The refs will do it for ya. Fm

  35. Caps being Caps.

    Two 2 Goal leads. No excuses.

  36. Excellent game! Playoffs at its best!